🎥 FINALLY After Decades Of Engineering MANKIND GETS TO FLY LIKE BIRD! Watch The Amazing Yves Rossy THE JETMAN With His Jet-Powered Wings!

Since the dawn of time man has always dreamed about being able to fly and in the past 100 years the mankind had evolved to the point where we have planes and different gadgets that makes that possible. But is this maybe the closest thing that gets us to be like birds?
This is the Swiss pilot, Yves Rossy who is the first man who came closest to flying like a bird. He is a true daredevil who calls himself THE JETMAN! He is able to fly with only two carbon wings on his back and two air pressured engines. So the wings are attached to a backpack who is sitting on his back. In the backpack there is a parachute and also a safety handle to lose the wings in case you have some kind of a problem. So we can watch a couple of videos where we can see how he is making some historical flights, like flying over the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps with speed of 189 mph. His future plans are to find some young prodigy to teach him how to do this and to improve this “gadget” as much as possible.
So if you are interested to learn more about this amazing thing, watch this video where he explains everything.

Source: www.nocarnofun.com

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