Farmtruck and AZN’s New Ride is Almost Ready To Shred Tires At Summernats!

Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN have big plans for the summer. Only by summer, we mean winter, at least as far as the season schedule here in the states. While most of the US is dealing with frigid temperatures, it’s summer time in Australia and one of their biggest gearhead events is drawing near, and Team FNA are planning to hit the Aussies with a badass new ride.
But, they’re not heading to the Summernats to race! No, instead Farmtruck is having a new Farmtruck built – that’s a funny sentence if you don’t know the context – just to compete in the insane burnout contest, one of the most insane events you’ll ever witness. Instead of shipping the OG Farmtruck to the land of Oz, Farmtruck had Canberra Institute of Technology handle the build for them, so all they have to do is show up and throw down.
The Skidtruck, playing off the Aussie term for “burnout”, will be powered by a relatively tame powerplant compared to the Farmtruck we know from Street Outlaws, but with the focus being on smoking out the crowd and shredding the tires until they blow – and possibly longer! – they don’t really need a nitrous huffing big block. The new truck will instead be powered by a GM LS engine that won’t be lifting the hefty truck’s nose into the air like the one here at home does, but will definitely offer more than enough power to destroy the tires on the back of the truck.

In the video clip below from Aussie car mag Street Machine’s Facebook, Farmtruck and AZN chat about who will be behind the wheel of the Skidtruck when the Summernats kick off. They decide that Farmtruck should take the first round, and if they go through to the next round, maybe AZN will jump behind the wheel and take a turn at the smoke show.


Farmtruck and AZN's new ride is almost ready! Full video here:

Posted by STREET MACHINE on Tuesday, December 26, 2017


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