🎥 Epic Burnout Battle Won By 16-Year-Old Chick!

Now, this is one epic burnout competition. There are all sorts of vehicles laying down one epic burnout after another followed by yet another and so on and on and on at the Burnout Contest at NHRDA Diesel Nationals.
And, the greatest thing about this insane burn out battle is that it was won by a teenaged girl. In fact, at 16 years old, this champion burnout girl has had a driver’s license for less than a full year.
By the way, how much do you dig the big rig’s burn out that opens this video? Those sure are two hardcore rollin coal pipes, eh? And, how do you know that a burnout is epic? Yeah, that is right: it is when the driver has to wear a gas mask, as do some of the burn out drivers in this video do.
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