Ditbike Launch System Looks Extremely Pointless… Would You Try It?

When you hop on two wheels of a dirt bike, there are several different ways to compete that are pretty crazy. Sure, you could race it or get yourself tied up in some sort of stunt competition but these riders had something else in mind entirely. It looks like somebody took it upon themselves to manufacture a short jump that would prove to be so challenging that tons of riders wouldn’t be able to do it. It appears at if this mud pit is only about a couple of yards wide, maybe a touch more, but the path leading up to it definitely isn’t one that’s easy for a rider to deal with, especially when you consider how easy this jump would otherwise be.
From the start, the riders are placed on a sort of pallet that slide down a track. From there, they’re essentially given maybe a foot or two of space to get a little bit of a running start before trying to launch over this pit. It sounds easy enough but, rider after rider fails to accomplish the goal as they all pretty much face plant into the pit of mud as it looks like the lead up just isn’t enough to give them a launch over the muddy surface. However, after many fail, one rider finally gets down the formula to making it all the way across.

Follow along with the competition in its entirety down below as these riders really give it all they’ve got when each one seems to fail harder than the last as they pretty much go straight down in this mud pit. That’s certainly something that probably is a lot harder than it looks but it really makes you want to go out there and try for yourself to see how difficult it really is as all these riders seem to struggle mightily with it.

Would you try this? 😂😂

Posted by Motocross Updates on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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