🎥 Conor McGregor Drops in on a Super Fan’s Apartment and he is STOKED!

With the McGregor vs Mayweather fight freshly in the rear view mirror, we now know exactly how the final punch would be thrown as Floyd Mayweather would take victory over Conor McGregor in a fight that shook the entire world off of its axis with controversy. Regardless of if you love or hate the outcome, you have to admit that the fight really did a lot for both sports in boxing and the UFC alike along with earning both of the fighters a happy sum of money. Also, as if both of their images weren’t already big enough, you would venture to say that this fight blew up their respective personas in ways that they probably never thought to be possible.
This time, we check out a little video clip that shows McGregor rolling through the city in one of his vehicles, a drop Rolls-Royce. When the superstar is seen prowling the streets on a regular basis, fans definitely make him feel right at home, going so far as shouting his name when he rolls past. This time, McGregor wasn’t just doing his required wave to the fans and saying hello but instead, it looks like he really went above and beyond to make this fan’s day. Instead of just doing the minimum required to greet the fan in the street, McGregor went to a whole new level for the fan that went above and beyond to show his support, surprising the mega fan in his apartment and all.
You see, it all started out when Conor heard the fan shouting from his balcony and flying the Irish flag out front along with a Connor McGregor cut out that had a striking resemblance to the man himself. I guess that you could say that this fan was really down for the cause! Check out the video below that shows McGregor surprising the man in his apartment during a moment that this McGregor backer will certainly never forget!

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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