Chicago Police Officer Runs Motorcyclist Off The Road!

All across the web, we regularly see videos of people on two wheels attempting to evade the police. We aren’t going to pick sides here but in such a light and agile vehicle that’s able to fit in spots where regular cars and trucks simply cannot, some riders will use that to the most of their advantage, evading police in ways that might just blow your mind.
Most of the time, as the situations get a little bit sticky, officers will choose to not pursue the riders on the dangerous ride. However, this time, we catch up with the Chicago police officer who really didn’t want to let this rider escape and, as a result, used his police cruiser in such a way to force the rider off of the road.
It’s quite terrifying to watch as this officer and group of riders goes to war on the streets, playing a game of motorized cat and mouse as the officer attempts to get the group pull over but the group is most certainly having none of it as they continue to roll down the highway with cameras filming the entire time. Instead of just letting them roll off into the sunset or following them until they stop, this police officer gets to action, trying to minimize the road space that the riders have to operate on and ends up pushing one of them right into a ditch in the process.
The video below captured the entire situation from somebody’s GoPro camera mounted on their helmet. Be sure to follow along with the video in its entirety and tell us what you think of this high-intensity situation that this police officer handled on-the-fly. Do you think that the officer was in the right here for pursuing the riders in that way or would you have complained about for being forced off of the road like that?


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