Blown LSX Silvia Goes Too Far In This Skid Competition… Blows Motor!

If you’ve ever seen the way they throw down in Australia, you know a little something about the skid pad and how these guys throw their insane rides sideways to make the biggest smoke show that they possibly can, turning hundreds of pounds of rubber into white smoke as they pin their accelerators and really put all of the power down on the pad. Now, if you’re thinking American burnout, take the chance to crank up that intensity meter 10 times over as Australian burnouts really put pretty much everybody else in the world to shame as they have been known to show us.
In this one, we take the opportunity to ride along with a GoPro mounted on the hood of one of these insane burnout machines as it points to the supercharger sticking through the hood when things go wrong. You see, it looks like this driver might’ve pushed the envelope just a little bit too far as he got behind the wheel and went about his sideshow, when all of a sudden, he might’ve just happened to push his car little bit too far over the edge, creating a whole bunch of crash and bang which would end with a blown up motor and a whole bunch of fire shooting in every which direction as captured on camera.
Follow along with the video below as a supercharged LS powered Sylvia ends up blowing up the engine as it pegs it off the limiter several times, really making this thing work.There’s something about these Australian burnouts thta really puts us on edge and makes us want to see more but you never want to see a car go down like this, especially knowing how much hard work and effort these guys put it to their machines. However, on that same note, it’s definitely something that you can’t look away from as it’s happening, either.


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