Biker Drops a Gear and Disappears When Cop Tries to Pull Him Over

Now, we deftly don’t condone anything that you would see in this video but it just so happens that often times, because of how fast motorcycles can tend to be, some riders don’t bother to stop for law enforcement from time to time. So, not that I would really recommend for anybody in their right mind try this, however, to say that it’s uncommon would be quite a lie. When you think about it, police cruisers really don’t have all that much performance to compete with our high adrenaline machines and therefore, evading them on something like a motorcycle, as long as you don’t have to compete with a helicopter or radio, is very possible.
In this ride along, we get to check out a rear-facing camera as this individual decides that it wouldn’t be in his best interest to stop and hear what the police want to say. Instead, as soon as the Dodge Charger police cruiser pulled up behind this rider, he decides that, after letting the cop think, for a couple of seconds, that the rider was going to pull over, the man on the motorcycle dropped a gear and decided that he was out! As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be long before the police officer would fade into the distance, almost becoming a speck on the screen.

Follow along in the video down below that shows us this highly illegal maneuver that this motorcycle rider decided to film to share with the world. It’s unclear if he had some reason to not stop or just didn’t feel like pulling over but one thing for certain is that this guy was definitely not interested in talking to the officer, no matter what the supporting reasoning behind his decision might have been and there was no way that cruiser was keeping up!

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