Biggest RC Plane – Junkers JU-52 Has An Epic Rise & A Terrible Fall!

As Remote Control replicas continue to advance they are becoming more and more impressive. The RC world has evolved from tiny toys to bigger and better life like replicas. In this video we check out an RC airplane that is said to be the largest in the entire world. The Junker Ju-52 takes off like a champ and conquers the sky with ease as the owner uses the remote control to guide it back and forth.
It looks like everything is going fine, when all of a sudden, the operator gets caught up in some poor conditions, jerking the airplane to the side and causing it to come down awkwardly and break into multiple pieces.It was an epic fail after a long and impressive fly. Fortunately no one got hurt from the crash, but the owner is certainly out quite a bit of cash! To check out this RC planes epic rise and fall click the video below!
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