The Biggest Crashes that Have Changed NASCAR Rules and Car Design

When racing competitions like NASCAR started out, things were a lot simpler. Guys just went out there in whatever old machine they could scrounge together and had at it, competing for the finish line as they made their way around the track. The spirit of competition was high and the sport was incredibly raw, however, as time went on, both competitors and organizers would discover just how dangerous the sport would end up being and thus would change both the cars and the rules to alter the way that the races unfolded to bring an all-new layer of safety to the routine. Sure, everyone is all for competition in races like these but the last thing that you want to see happen is for somebody to get hurt. With all of the complaining that can go along with these changes, there’s no arguing that the circumstances have become much safer.
Now, while sometimes it can be difficult to point to an exact movement where a rule change decision came about, some of these featured crashes really seem to be the ones that would tip the pile, really causing a new design of either the rules or cars to be put into effect. Slowly but surely, as new technologies came out and people saw just how dangerous the now old ones could possibly be, we have arrived at the sport that we see today. From a look at of some of the crashes that the Car of Tomorrow has been involved in, NASCAR seems to have been doing a pretty good job of keeping their drivers as safe as they possibly could be within reason.
The video below shows a variety of situations that have been widely regarded as the tipping points that have led to the sport’s evolution in one way or another. Some of the crashes here get incredibly graphic so we have to warn you to proceed with caution before you follow along with this video. Remember, you’re about to watch the worst of the worst as far as NASCAR crashes go. There were some incredibly gruesome results that came about because of some of these wrecks but at least forward progress is being made so that maybe, in the future, other drivers won’t have to go through the same consequences that accompany the accidents.


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