Big Chief Behind The Wheel Of The Crow Whips Donuts Leaving PRI

We’ve seen a bunch of action from the 2017 PRI Show, but almost all of it has been announcements and reveals from inside the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. With freezing cold temps and even a fresh blanket of snow on the last day, there wasn’t much going on outdoors around the show, at least not until it was time to tear down the displays and begin loading up the cars.
Big Chief, who spent most of the weekend at the Nitrous Express booth with the Crow, decided to have a little fun before stuffing his twin turbo GTO back into the trailer and heading back south and west to Oklahoma. Complete with big tires out back – which were swapped out during the show as part of an exhibition for the fans on the property – decided he needed to hit the grass outside the convention center and whip a few donuts. The aforementioned snow made these even easier, not that his car needed any help with the task, and Chief was surely gaining like a fool as he slung the Crow around in circles.
I know that no matter how crappy a day I’m having, a few donuts always brings a smile to my face, and I have to assume that’s the case for everybody else, especially gearheads.

With the donuts complete, Chief eased the car back around to his trailer, where Shawn waited to help guide the car in. From there, I’m not going to say where they went, but eventually they may have ended up not street racing on the ice-covered roads of Indy. There was a lot of talking, a lot of sarcasm, and a pizza. Just know, somewhere there’s a pizza delivery guy that’s still confused about what went down and why he had to deliver a jalapeño, pineapple & black olive pizza with a single piece of lettuce to “Justin in the black trailer” in an empty parking lot on a freezing December night.

Snow Donuts while loading up at the PRI show.

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Posted by Big Chief 405 on Sunday, December 10, 2017


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