Bam Margera Got Cleaned up and He’s Back! 2017

If you were tuned into the skating scene at any point during the early 2000s or even flipped on your television, there’s a good chance that you recognize the name “Bam Margera.” This skateboarder would eventually become known for his MTV show, “Viva La Bam” and movies in the “Jackass” series, celebrating big time fame with his while antics that centered around messing with his family and taking things up to a new level, not only with his skateboard but his many toys as well. Perhaps one of the most memorable is the Lamborghini Gallardo that he had that he took a Sawzall to in order to cut a hole in the roof of as a sort of DIY sunroof. Basically, anything that would make for good television was what Bam was up to, regardless of the collateral damage that came about as a result.
Eventually, however, Margera would become a very publicized downward spiral after the death of his close friend, Ryan Dunn sent him into an alcoholic fit. For those who grew up cheering on the antics of this young skateboarder, it would be painful to watch but there was really nothing that anybody can do for him until Bam recognized that he had a problem and decided that he wanted to do something for himself. Because of his issues with alcohol and newfound complacency to life, his career would also hit the pause button. In fact, after the promos for a show by the name of “Family Therapy” would come out where Bam and his mom, April, talked about these issues in a public therapy session, the star practically fell off of the media’s radar altogether.
So what has Bam Margera been up to? Well, a recent video released would show him out on the skate ramp, looking better than ever. Accompanying the video, a recent interview with would give Margera fans a breath of fresh air when Bam spilled the beans on his sobriety and how opening up to his alcohol problem helped him to overcome it saying that “…it’s been a real struggle for me to stay off the alcohol but just as long you’re surrounded by good people and you have something to do, you’ll be good. Like in Barcelona I wake up and my mission is to skate all day.” Apparently, he has some plans in the works to get back to skating as well after his rise to fame that included being on a movie set all day alongside his addiction that combined to take him away from it.
Could 2017 be the year that marks the return of the Bam? I guess only time will tell.


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