An In Depth Look At Jeff Lutz’s WICKED 1957 Chevy

If there’s a name that you can see pop up in a bracket for drag racing and expect to have a little bit of fear struck in the heart of competitors, that name might just be Jeff Lutz. This guy not only brings some of the finest machines that you will ever see to the starting line of any race, in particular, but he also knows how to wheel the wheels off of these things, really coming in strong with consistent performances across the board whenever he touches tire to track, sending his machines down the racetrack with a vengeance. Any fan of racing should be able to find these performances a lot of fun to watch!
This time, it’s the guys over at Urban Hillbilly Action Videos catching up with Lutz and his wicked 1957 Chevy. There’s a good chance that you might have seen this one running down tracks across the country and this time, we get to take an up close and personal look at the machine that really rumbles into everyone’s heart on the drag strip. There’s just something about a well put together racing machine that really can get your adrenaline flowing just by looking at it and once you get into this video, it will show you that we get more of the same from one of Lutz’s machines as we see a quality build that’s ready to be beaten on! We know its driver will carry out that purpose well.
If you check out the video below, you get up close with this machine and not only get the chance to take a look at exactly how the car was built but also the opportunity to see exactly how it moves out there on the track, digging down deep to grab traction and take off like a bat out of hell as it practically punishes that track beneath it like the racing surface was doing something wrong!


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