American Muscle Car Barn Find In Japan Is All Folks Are Talking About!

When it comes to American muscle car barn finds, it would be tough to beat this find of abandoned Ford Mustangs to include the highly popular and sought after Ford Mustang Mach 1, a Pontiac Trans-Am that is the same color and style as Bandit’s movie car, and at least three Chevy Camaros: a 1969 Camaro, a 1970 Camaro RS, and a Camaro Z28… But, wait, this American muscle car find story gets better, much better. It turns out that these muscle cars were found in some lot in, of all places, Japan! How cool is that? Seeing these once powerful and beautiful sitting in the field all dead like is clearly really tough for the maker of this video. Odds are it will be tough for you as well. Click play and be SHOCKED!
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