American Chopper – Paul Sr. And The Infamous Hummer Jump

When snow starts falling from the sky, it has the ability to instantaneously turn even the most mature of adults into children in a moment’s notice. The creation of a wintry wonderland thanks to mother nature has the ability to lighten the mood up just a little bit before people start figuring out that the snow’s going to be a hassle to navigate in.
This time, we check in on an old episode of American Chopper that has Paul Sr. wheeling around his Hummer in the snow. After he somehow managed to disable reverse in the truck by breaking something, he decided that maybe wheeling his way around the parking lot couple of times would somehow manage to make the gear come back.
Now, this obscure method of trying to repair the Hummer didn’t exactly work but, it did provide us with some pretty entertaining footage to watch over and over again. It’s memories like this that you will never forget and I’m sure that the crew on the scene that day will remember this one forever.
Check out the video down below that shows off the moment that some fun got mixed in with business as Senior absolutely turned into a kid in the best way possible, using his 4X4 to enjoy the snow to the fullest of his abilities as he launches it off of snow banks.


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