American Choppers “Jason” Has a Huge Melt Down

Fans of American Chopper were treated to more than their share of the guys on the show flipping out and losing their cool, especially during builds that had extreme time constraints that meant work had to be done quickly, but also at a level worthy of the OCC name. These tense situations led to tempers flaring often, though it was usually the guys out on the shop floor doing the ranting and yelling.
However, there was at least one time that Jason, the shop’s in-house designer, went a little off the deep end, losing his temper and letting his emotions get carried away. During the Cell Buckle bike build, Jason had posted his design on the shop wall for the crew to refer to during the build process. However, Paul Teutul Sr, the owner and president of Orange County Choppers, decided the bike didn’t ring true to the OCC style and requested Jason add some more fabricated elements to the bike to get it up to par with what their customers expect.
Jason takes Paul Sr’s feedback well at first, but the longer he listens, the more agitated he becomes, eventually blowing his top and storming into the shop. He grabs the bike and yanks a few of the components off, then slides the whole chassis off onto the shop floor with a sickening clatter. Surprisingly, Paul Sr. keeps his cool for the most part, seemingly amused by Jason’s antics instead of angered. Senior lets him finish his fit and remains out in the shop while Jason returns to his office.
Having blown off the steam that had built up, Jason grabs his pen and sets about redesigning the bike, ready to get back to the task of turning out bikes that wow the customer and the television audience. Sometimes, you just have to release your tension, and it can come out in some interesting and intense ways.


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