Aaron Kaufman Accidentally Gets shock Working on a Truck

Even for the most experienced mechanics in the world, accidents still happen. We have seen all kinds of freak incidents unfold on camera that leave the people working on cars frazzled and confused. Sometimes, they get hurt in the matter and other times they just barely avoid injury. Sometimes, you never know what will come of something like this!
This time, we check in on a security camera that shows head mechanic, Aaron Kaufman, wrenching on a truck when something under the hood just isn’t right and it leads to Aaron electrocuting himself in the process. When we see that he ends up being alright after the fact, that’s when the laughter starts rolling out.
It looks like any other day in the shop as Aaron is poking around under the hood and trying to do his best to bring this old truck to life when all of a sudden, his body goes stiff and jumps up in the air when some electrical work goes haywire and gets the best of him, sending a shock through his body.
We’re sure that the incident didn’t really feel too good but at least now Aaron has this hilarious clip to look back on and laugh at. Okay, maybe he isn’t doing much laughing still, but at least his buddies can all look back and laugh at his expense now!

Source: www.speedsociety.com

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