This 800 HP Cammed CTS-V is BRUTAL!

Alabama isn’t always the first place you expect to find badass rides, but this CTS-V hails from the Heart of Dixie and checks all the boxes for a truly wicked ride. Cadillac killed it with the styling of the CTS-V Coupe, and this guy has taken his to a whole new level, swapping the factory rolling stock for a perfectly-chosen set of gold MORR wheels with white letter Toyo tires that perfectly compliment the inky black paint. A subtle carbon fiber aero kit provides just a kick of added aggressiveness to the V’s already-menacing exterior, but the main attraction lies under the hood.
There, a snarling beast of an engine lies, churning out 800+ horsepower thanks to the massive supercharger and monster camshaft. While the CTS-V is no lightweight, this coupe rolls out like it’s on a mission with the drop of the loud pedal, and as the guys with the camera point out, it’s VERY loud… sometimes. Thanks to cutouts in the exhaust, the Caddy’s exhaust can go from mild to wild in seconds.
You can see in the video below, this thing has no problem taking down the pair of C7 Z06’s that are joining him on the ride up to Nashville’s Cars & Coffee meet. You may notice the checkered flag motif on the license plate, those are special Barber Motorsports Park plates available to Alabama residents. Barber is one of the most underappreciated motorsports venues in the nation, playing host to the IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama and is also the home of the North American Porsche Driving School. With each Barber Motorsports license plate sold, a portion of the sales to go to keeping the pristine 2.3 mile road course up and running, plus they look awesome with the black-and-white checkered pattern. I wonder what this Caddy would do through Barber’s 17 turns if the driver pushed it to the limits?


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