Is This 38.8-Liter Tank Engine The Coolest 1000HP Tractor Engine Ever? YES!

The Team Wallbergs sure know how to have fun. Check out their GIANT 38.8-liter engine in this epic tractor. I love the see through engine compartment, the smoke breathing exhaust pipes, and the crazy engine sound…. So so cool! This huge tractor engine is actually a 1000HP Transmash V12 Diesel 38.8-liter engine from a Russian T-55 tank, while the tractor is a Volvo BM 470 Bison tractor. And together, this Russian tank engine and this Swedish farm tractor make for one super fun vehicle. I have spent some time around tanks in my day, and this tractor’s tank engine sounds more macho than the American tanks I used to know. However, I must admit, the diesel engine of a M1 Abrams main battle tank is much more powerful than this T55 tank engine.
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