This 1970 Chevy C/10 Hot Rod Is Great Looking And Sick Sounding!


What could be more pleasing than seeing a classic Chevy truck having that clean design, awesome color scheme and sick powerplant? This 1970 Chevrolet C/10 truck featured below is one of those hot rod builds you sure don’t wanna miss out.
The red and white color combo is what makes this C/10 really pop. Not really bone stock but looking at it doesn’t take you away from the stock coolness you probably want from a hot rod. Has a cool wheel choice and a great stance too with it built low to the ground.
The inside is clean in red and white as well. Everything is left not really far from stock and looked like only had some new seat covers, headers, door panel covers, etc. Nothing over-the-top and is very fitting for those into “less is more” design.
Its awesome sounds and great pounding skills to the ground is thanks to the 383 stroker fitted cleanly under the hood.
Give yourself a treat and check everything out with the video provided below.


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