1500+HP Lamborghini vs. 1500+HP GT-R vs. 114+HP POLICE Car!


Yup, that’s a real OH SH!T moment! The cop literally pulled right next to them when they were counting down the race… then they went 224mph… INSANE!
These guys probably couldn’t have been in a worse place nor time to do this race. Driving a 1500hp Lambo and a 1500hp GT-R these street races are extremely serious and go to VERY HIGH speeds! They race multiple times, but the time they went the fastest, they were being watched by not one, but TWO police cruisers. One of them just happened to be driving next to them when they took off, and the other was waiting near the finish where they passed him going an astonishing 300kph. Instantly an officer appeared with his lights on and pulled them over. What happened next you won’t believe!

Source: www.racecarthings.com

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